Tuesday, September 11, 2012


eleven years ago.

the alarm rang in valley center high school, giving me the 5 minute warning until the next class was to begin. as usual, i was in a hurry, trying to get my hair somewhat straightened out, make-up in place and school belongings together after first hour P.E. class. 

we had heard 'something' had happened in NYC. not sure what, though. we didn't know the severity or the way it would impact the next eleven years of our lives.

I rushed down the hall, scattered. i finally made my way down V hall and sat in Foods Class. This teacher wasn't one who let things slide, so being late wasn't an option. She also wasn't one to have the television on or to let anything get in her way of teaching such an important subject - Food. 

The boxy television was on, volume loud, sitting on the cart at the front of the class. She was worried. She had fear in her eyes, and cried as she told us what had just happened. Two planes had just crashed into the Twin Towers in NYC. 

The rest is history.

God bless the USA. 

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