Tuesday, September 18, 2012


week ten is in the past.

ups and downs, for sure. the half marathon that i was supposed to run was postponed for a YEAR. yea, a year. really? not too happy about that as this was the half that i had on my bucket list for the year, but oh, well. i then made quick plans to run a half this weekend, but i have baby shower. life is busy. period. i've felt completely overwhelmed with september, but it's life. and i'm gonna roll with it. so no half marathons scheduled so far. if you know of one after october 14 and before november. let me know.

so, week 10. like i said, just life has been going on, so the runs weren't ran exactly how scheduled, but i still managed to get most of the miles in.

as i continue to train for the marathon, i've realized something. it's more mental rather than physical endurance.

waking up early with banks, working an 8hr/day job, getting dinner [you heard that right, i don't cook-so what!?] work stress, people stress, stress from knowing that you need to run, cleaning, errands, whatever it is, is mentally exhausting. not physically exhausting, mentally.

running hours on end, gives you lots of time to think. think too much sometimes. and that can take a toll on the mental game of running.

i'm bound and determined to meet this goal i've set, but, don't get me wrong, it's not easy and it's not always fun. sure, i love to run, but sometimes 18 miles on a saturday, isn't my priority compared to life.

so that my friends, brings me to week 11.

it looks something like this:

so, in between a family dinner, a birthday party, g's brother's wedding, my dad's birthday and two baby showers this week - on top of work and banks and many, many errands this week, i'll fit in 37 miles of running. like i said, it's a mental thing, so i'm trying to get my head straight!


only 4 more weeks!

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