Friday, September 7, 2012


I need: 
more time. i have something going on every.single.hour. from now until monday morning.
I want: to stay sane this weekend. 
I'm proud of: my life. i think everyday how blessed i am. God has given me great abilities and set me on a great path and I'm proud of what Garrett and I have decided to do with our lives.
I pray: for friends this week. i have two friends that each lost a parent. i can't even begin to think about their pain or imagine what they are feeling. i just pray that they will find peace and look to God for strength during this time. i'm also praying that banks feels better. he had a 102 temp yesterday. took him to the doc and he has a virus. he slept 15 hrs last night! whoa. just hoping he feels better soon. hate seeing him sick.
I hope: i find an hour this weekend to finish my book. yes, a book. i don't read. i havent' read a book since... well, i can't remember. i actually HATE reading. but, i'm reading Heaven is For Real. and I LOVE IT. Must read.
I wish: life didn't go so fast. sometimes i just want time to stand still. savor the moment.
I'm looking forward to: a church get together tonight, wedding fun and banks' dedication at church on sunday. busy, busy weekend.


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