Thursday, September 13, 2012


i'm really not sure why, but i just feel the need to, if you're not interested in my rambling thoughts, you can stop here.BIBLE STUDYmonday, i attended Family Church's Fragrance Women's Bible Study. This is the first ever 'bible study' I've taken part in. We are reading Lioness by Lisa Bevere. I'm really looking forward to this study and learning more about God's love for us. I'll be sure to post updates on the book. Oddly enough - on Monday, before our first class I had this weird thought - that I should begin journaling. Of course, I love blogging, and writing my thoughts down and it's way of 'organizing' my crazy life, but a journal with private thoughts, prayer and things I wouldn't share with the internet world, I hadn't done for awhile. Monday night, we were given the task to journal our inner thoughts and prayers on paper. Coincidence? Or God's will? You can still join Fragrance - check out their Facebook page. Oh, and yes this means I'm reading another book - who is this girl!?


seriously, people. i've known 7 - SEVEN! - people who have had babies in the last week. 4 just today. that's just insane. but, those cute pictures of all the tiny babies have just triggered my already present baby fever. i used to think it was crazy when people got pregnant before their first child's first birthday - now, i'm beginning to understand. these precious little humans just aren't babies for very long. of course, i'm absolutely loving banks and the fun age that he is now, but i miss those newborn cuddles. the bff is keeping the faith that i can hold out til' after our 5th anniversary trip. i think i can. i think i can. so, in the meantime i'll just compile a list of possible baby names - because that's my lame hobby.

but, about all of those new babies - congrats to all - they are all so cute!


we've decided on Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and will be booking the trip soon enough. we are so excited for a getaway with our favorite people! if anyone has been to Cabo and has a list of things we must-do while there, please let me know.


co-worker of mine, thought i'd like to read about running. like i don't think about running enough as it is. so, yes, i'm reading another book. I tell you, something weird is going on. 50/50.  it's about a guy who runs 50 marathons, in 50 days, in 50 states. now, he is crazy. i'm only on page 10 - but i'm looking forward to reading more and maybe i'll even get a little motivation for the upcoming October 14 marathon!


i think it's here. well, at least for one day it was. KS is so crazy, and i know it could be 100 degrees tomorrow, but today was so refreshing. i hate cold weather and i love summer, but for some reason it was just nice. relaxing and nice. during the run today, knees were locked and legs were heavy - beacuse of the weather - but, i know once i get used to the new coolness, i'm going to LOVE running in the new temps.

speaking of fall, i need to go fall shopping. new boots, scarfs, leggings, cords, tights and long sleeved dresses. some of my favorites. i totally missed out on shopping last winter because of the extra-large post-preg bod, so i'm really looking forward to the new styles.

gotta have a long-sleeved lace attire.

and these riding boots.....

and i could honestly, ramble forever, but i'll stop for the night. get a ANOTHER glass of wine and read  50/50. 

happy rambling!

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  1. Where are those black boots from?! Super cute!!