Thursday, January 3, 2013

farewell 2012. hello 2013.

it's no joke that time goes too fast. i can clearly remember sitting down to write my 2012 resolutions goals. 
our baby was just over a month old then. i was breastfeeding. i could still clearly remember every part of giving birth. banks slept most of the day. he didn't talk. he was still wearing  clothes labeled NB. the other day we cleaned out his room. all of his NB clothes are now in tubs along with the 3, 6, 9 and 12 labeled clothing. my rocking chair has been removed from his room and was replaced with banks' very own big boy chair that he walks to and sits in all by himself. so much has changed over the past 365 days and i never thought that i would be happier than i was 365 days ago. but, i am. banks is more fun today than he was yesterday and i'm loving every minute of being a mommy. 2012 was so very good to us. i can't complain about anything as we are healthy and loved. we are reminded of how good our life is often.

my goals for 2012. they were not ALL met, but some were....
you can read more about the 2012 new year post HERE

10 - Visit a state I haven't  been to before 
need to do this. darnit.

9 - Learn HTML & start creating web site

visit to see my new web site, although I didn't do ALL of the HTML

8 - Live a healthier lifestyle (avoid PC fast food - it's the death of me)

i think i lived a pretty healthy lifestyle in the working out area, but that fast food still is the death of me.

7 - Become members at a church and attend regularly

we are now members of Family Church and have been attendign regularly for the past year. i  could not be happier about this. I've also joined a bible study on monday nights and although i didn't attend in december, i'm plan to make this a priority in the new year.

6 - Become more organized

i'd say i still have some work to do here

5 - Finish basement and all home projects (so that we can sit down and enjoy them!)

we are ALMOST completely done. just need to tile the shower and drop in a toilet and ta da!

4 - Get back to pre-baby weight

thank goodness!

3 - Run half-marathon #3

i'm going to cheat. i didn't run an actual half-marathon race, but I did run 13.1 miles more than 5 times this fall, i think that counts, right? I also ran my first FULL marathon - 26.2 miles completed! boom.

2 - Take a family vacation

Although Banks didn't go, G and I got away for a weekend. I do plan on taking a trip this year, as Banks will be able to enjoy more things.

1 - Be the very best mom and wife I can be

I'm trying. and by that i mean, loving on G and B every chance I get. G and I both agreed THE LIFE would be to have Christmas break every week of the year. Being at home with my boys for 10 + days was the best.thing.ever!

so, 2012 was great. 2013. i'm ready for you. and this year's goals include:

1. move up in my career

2. stick with an at-home workout regimen [ thanks to G for the treadmill!]
3. continue sales with royal script
4. spend time with banks doing new things [ taking him to parks, museums, and new places ]
5.  take a vacation - CABO in June!
6. PR in a race
7. run a half marathon this spring
8. get organized - i have got to do this.. and if need be, have a garage sale
9. read a book. 
10. see someone new in concert

most importantly, continue to get better. pray more. forgive more. love more. because those things are way more important them my yearly goals.

happy 2013 to you!

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