Wednesday, January 23, 2013


many of the blogs i follow have to do with style. 
i'm a shopaholic. just ask my husband. i'm also a coupon freak and a deal saver. i love finding a staple piece on clearance and bragging about my cheap buy, much more admitting that i spent way too much money on something.

since the ipad, i've spent the majority of my evenings drinking a yummy glass of red vino while pinteresting. yes, that has become a verb.

what do i look at on pinterest? sometimes i look for interior design ideas. recipes, workouts and hair inspiration. but, most of all i search for new outfits. or find inspiration for putting together an outfit out of clothes i already own. many of these inspirations come from fellow bloggers who blog their outfits and where they find their precious items. so, why not? i know it's cliche, so if you dont' like it, dont' read. but here's the first, of many, outfits that the one and only (haha, who am i kidding!?) put together.

meet animal print.

it's a love/hate relationship and can be done well, and can go horribly wrong. can be completely tacky, or classy. you be the judge.

leopard sweater/old navy $19 // black 3/4 sleeve dress [under sweater]/ target $7 // tights/ 
walmart $3 // necklace/ gift from friend // earrings/ express $9 // wedges/target $19.99/ watch/ michael kors gift from the hubs

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