Sunday, January 20, 2013


let me reintroduce myself.

hello. i'm tessa and i've been on a blogging hiatus for the past - well, way too long.
it may take me a few, or 100, posts to catch ya'll up on our crazy life, but we'll start here: Christmas 2012. yes, almost a month ago!

since married, the holidays become more chaotic than they used to be. i know i'm not the only one who feels this way. after talking to friends who are also married and have kids, i learned that we actually have a few less christmases than are possible. trying to make 7 separate christmas appearances is a task in itself, let alone trying to coordinate all of those christmases into just a few days. honestly, i love the holidays, but i wouldn't mind taking a vacation next year and RELAXING. 

although we were constantly on the move during our break, we have never felt so blessed and loved. garrett and i enjoyed our time with banks over the break. it reminded me of maternity leave and when garrett was in between jobs last year. we were both home for more than 3 weeks at the same time and it was AMAZING. i'm positive, we are supposed to work when we're old and stay at home with these sweet babies when we are young. someday i'll convince the husband.

here are just a few of the snapshots we got during our christmas break.

merry, merry christmas.... and happy new year!

garrett's bff was back home for the holidays so we tried to see him as much as we could during the break. so, for nye we visited the bevan's for a fun-filled game-night. i for one, had way too much fun, but that's good, right? ;)

the night was filled with smiles, laughs, drinks and good times. i for the life of me cannot remember the game we played ( too much fun ) but, it was hilarious. the parentals came along and joined the kids. banks stayed up past midnight - whaaaaa? yes, he did. apparently, he's a partier, too!

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