Wednesday, January 23, 2013


back to the bachelor. 

while i do prefer looking at the bachelor, sean, without his shirt on [ you can't say differently, can you?] i do enjoy observing the many outfits the women wear on the show. they all have different styles, some i like, some i don't. 

emily maynard, last season's bachelorette, was one of my faves. especially her style. therefore, we are twitter and facebook friends. oh, what a life i live.

she recently posted her favorite outfits from this seaons's bachelorettes.

who made the list? kacie b. you can find more of her favorites HERE.

i, too, thought this dress was super sexy and way better than the prom gowns some of the other women wore. let's be honest. a prom gown or a sexy dress grabbing a guy's attention? that's what i thought. 

Kacie B's short, mesh Brian Lichtenburg dress was at the top of the list for sexy. The price tag - not such a sexy $396. So, to where else would you go for a copy cat? Forever 21.

although, i will say i LOVE the sleeves on Kacie B's dress, I do prefer the $19 pricetag of the Forever 21 copy cat.

And, that's how you dress for less. 

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