Wednesday, January 23, 2013


i'm still getting caught up with blog updates.

a lot of this is actually considered 'old news' in my book, and probably a few of you think the same, so excuse me for not being your daily E News, giving you hourly updates on what's hot and what's not.

what's hot, old news or not? i will be checking off one of my items on the 2013 goal list.

1. move up in my career


i act like it's the greatest thing ever. which it is, it's a great opportunity, but i will also miss my job at WSU so, so much. there is nothing like being around sports, especially at a DI institution that has done so well during my time here. MVC Championships, NIT Champions, trips to the NCAA tournament... and that's just men's basketball. I love my job here. But, in all reality it's not a perfect mom-job. I work a lot of nights, a lot of weekends and some days I don't even get to see Banks. I'll leave at 8am and return around 10pm on game nights and Banks is sound asleep. And, if I have ever learned anything, it's that babies grow too fast, and there is nothing more important than spending time with your kids. So, that my friends is why I took a job at Heartspring.  That and it's a great place. I will help people. I will help kids. And hopefully Make. A. Difference.

I had opportunities to move within the department at WSU, which were great. I also had a few other job offers that came the same week the Heartspring job was offered. I prayed and prayed that there would just be a sign from above that would lead me to the 'right decision'.... or His decision.

Signs were everywhere. And all of them led me to believe that this would be the best place for me and our family in the coming years. Was it the job that paid the most? Nope. (DANG!) Was it the sexiest job? Nope. But, it was the job that fit me.

So to ring in year #26, I will be the new Marketing and Events Coordinator at Heartspring beginning February 11, 2013. I'm so excited for this journey as I will have a lot on my plate, new tasks, new people and new challenges. I'll be able to use not just one of my skills, but many. Creativity, marketing, writing, event planning, community relations & much, much more.

Will I miss 10,506 screaming fans during a Creighton vs. WSU game in Charles Koch Arena? Yes. Will I miss the fun atmosphere of sports. Yes. Will I regret taking a job that will allow me to see baby Banks every single night? Heck no. 

Plus, this paycheck might allow for some extra shopping. And, I'm always down with that.