Wednesday, January 23, 2013


i love sports. that's nothing new.

but, fantasy football drives me crazy. i hate that garrett cheers for an opposing team just because he has a player on his team. for real? but, to each his own.

so, i prefer to draft a much more realistic team. the bachelorettes of the bachelor team. you know that's the most REAL it gets, right? 

haha. i know, i know. the majority of these relationships don't last. and i'm sure the show has it's flaws, but it's all in fun, just like fantasy football, so give me a break.

a group of girls, old friends and new, have been getting together for the last few mondays watching the Bachelor - Sean and his fabulous, fabulous body. Oh, and the 20+ crazy girls that all think they are in LOVE.

After the first episode we wrote down our top 5 picks. After the second episode we could swap 3 of our 5 picks for new girls. Next week we will swap 2, and then our top 5 is set and the game will be played out. Points are given at the end when the top 5 are in place, and the winner is chosen. 

MY TOP 5 [ in no particular order.. yet ]

Ashlee F.  - Personal Organizer - Age 32 - Houston, TX
Catherine - Graphic Designer - Age 26 - Seattle, WA
Desiree - Bridal Stylist - Age 26 - Northglenn, CO
Lesley A. - Political Consultant - Age 25 - Fort Smith, AR
Tierra - Leasing Consultant - Age 24 - Las Vegas, NV

Do I like all of these girls. No. Especially don't like Tierra. But, I based my 'team' on who I think will go the furthest... and you always have to keep one CRAZY one. :)

So, what are your picks??  I'll update you after next week's swap!

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