Sunday, January 27, 2013


I used to make fun of my mom, a lot.

i don't see many flaws in her. but, when she used to wear tapered.. aka skinny jeans i used to make fun.

look who's 'tacky' now.

the evolution of denim never ceases to amaze me. the highwaters are now 'cropped' and fashionable. the trashy is now 'distressed' and current. the tapered ugly is now 'skinny' and hot. 

nonetheless, i think almost every type of denim is in. chambray button-ups, jean jackets, and all different styles of jeans. 

so, now casual friday can wear a multitude of denims and still be 'in'. 

so, i give you casual friday... and the denim choices.

inspiration via pinterest:

the skinny with boots.

the flare with heels.

the distressed, cropped with flats.

if i've learned anything from posting outfit photos is that i'm amateur photographer. i'm still looking for that 'angle'. 

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