Thursday, January 24, 2013

13 & A HALF.

unless i blogged daily, i wouldn't be able to keep up with banks' new personalities, words and doings.

so, i'll do my best.

loves to eat - he eats anything and everything. he has downed an entire kids meal at the young age of 1 - literally 12 mos. 5 chicken nuggets, a few fries and a small frosty - yes, my child eats Wendy's. i'd say that's pretty impressive. this last week he had half a bagel, grapes, half a banana and an entire piece of pizza, veggies and all. he eats like his mama. 

bottles - he is using a bottle at home every now and then, but no longer uses a bottle at daycare. we've slowed down on the milk and have introduced apple juice and water and he loves both. his favorite thing to do is drink from mama and dadda's glass. he thinks it's the coolest thing ever.

his hair is out of control - we were going for the comb-over look, but his hair is as straight as a needle and doesn't stay put, so we're pinteresting new hair ideas :) it still has a tint of red, but is getting lighter with time.

teeth - 9, including one molar. unfortunately we have a biter. he bites everything. furniture, blankets, toys, and people... darnit! 

sleep - he's the bomb. sleeps a godo 11-12 hours every night. naps vary. on the weekends he rarely takes naps. at all. which drives me crazy, but at the same time makes me feel like he is staying up so he can see us :) 

words - mama, dadda, papa, dog, hadley, more, milk, baba (bottle), bath, pretty, ball, book, no-no, and he growls constantly. i know i'm missing a few words, but he is constantly adding to his precious vocab.

clothes - 18 mo. his pants are always too long and his shirts are always too small. someday, maybe he'll be more proportioned.

loves - hadley (but, hadley doesn't love him) balls, the broom ( HIS FAVORITE), baths, dancing (we dance to MTV videos on Saturday mornings, it's a great workout ), running laps around the house, ice cream, looking out the windows, watching basketball, opening the dishwasher and microwave, taking the vents out of the floor, throwing things down the stairs, crawling through his tunnel, combing his own hair and brushing his own teeth.... and much, much more.

personality - the best ever. if you haven't met this kid you're missing out. he's so much fun. probably the funniest person ever. he's an ornery one.

there is so much more that i love about this boy, but words would never describe. 

one of his favorite things to do. put on his 'claws' and run, crawl around the house growling. it's the greatest laugh. 
my nap hair  - it's crazy!

reading his favorite KU book. it chants ROCK, CHALK JAYHAWK... and then B will re play.. RRAACCHHHHHGAHHH.

he loves watching basketball.


i wish my hair would stay like this.

first bubble bath.

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