Monday, December 17, 2012


it's monday. and i'm at work. and i'm SO happy about it.

the 5 days prior to today, our family was out of commission.the many joys of a working mother. right, there are many. right?  one of those would be daycare. bless our daycare for providing a safe place for banks during the day and for feeding him, teaching him and mentoring him, but oh, em, gee. talk about a germ bank. 

i felt like a 'mom' for the first time this week. well, i mean, i had my first moment where everything wasn't butterflies and rainbows. in fact it was puke. a crib full of puke and a baby covered in it. scared to death. this is the first time banks has ever thrown up and for me to find him like this after i had already taken a shower and gotten half-ready for work was scary. why didn't the monitor pick up this awfulness?! my poor baby! i grabbed him, stripped him down and got him to the bath tub as quick as I could while Garrett cleaned out the crib. saddest. morning. ever. i stayed home that day, and banks was everything he always is - happy, active, crazy - and we went to bed thinking we were on the mend. until i heard a choking noise the next morning while i was in the bathroom getting ready. i ran to his room and found him sitting him gagging. i scooped him up and ran to the bathroom just in time for another vomit episode. saddest day ever #2. and again all day, we had a happy-go-lucky baby. That night we packed for our KC trip and figured he was over everything since nothing had happened in 12+ hours. that was until midnight when i was packing and smelled something funny. AGAIN!  a crib full of puke and a covered baby. by now, we had the routine down and we stripped Banks and the bed and  got everything cleaned up and Banks back to sleep. and about 2 hours later, I woke up with the FLU. and then about 24 hours after that Garrett woke up with the FLU. Evil germs.

it was obviously not a fun 5 days. it was awful.

i've never been so excited to go to work on a monday - just go announce 'We're NOT sick!!'. 
thank god we are all feeling better and we are all well just in time for the holidays. 

having a sick baby is the worst. thing.ever.

what i did learn while we were sick: i like regular chicken noodle soup over double noodle and sierra mist is better than sprite and 7up. Do not leave the seat down while puking and baby cuddles are still the best. thing.ever.

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