Saturday, December 15, 2012


if you're a fellow blogger,  i'm sure you will understand. 

a few weeks ago i ran into the 'out of space' alert. basically, the blog was telling me i'd have to pay to upload any more pictures, so i didn't want to share banks' birthday party post until i got all of that figured out. what's a party post without pictures!?

needless to say, the last year has been by far the best year of my life. banks has brought so much joy and meaning to our lives and i couldn't be happier. being a mom is the best.

i took the day off for banks' birthday to help him celebrate. i was greeted with the happiest birthday boy ever.

we met dad for lunch and banks ate his big boy kids' meal.

that night we met banks' grandpa steve, grandpa wayne and grandma juju, uncle shelby and our best friends for a birthday dinner at texas roadhouse. banks had a great time riding the bull for his birthday!

i'd say he had a pretty good day.

the following saturday, we celebrated his first year with family and friends at his very own mustache bash. i'd have to say the highlight of the party was the homemade 'mustache ride' (inappropriate, i know) that his grandpa steve made him. the kids loved it!

banks' birthday invites (shout out to royal script! ;) )

banks had a blast! we had such a great time. of course, b didn't let us down and went head first into his birthday cake. that kid loves to eat. 

thank you to everyone who came. b has been in love with all of his new toys (and his parents thank you for keeping him entertained!)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY BANKS. you are the very best boy. ever.



  1. Great job Tessa! I LOVE the photo booth. So fun! All the details really made the party:). Happy Birthday Banks!

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