Monday, October 1, 2012


our little, not so little, boy is 10 months old. 

i remember when i was 9 years old and i just couldn't wait til' i was 10. that's because the number ten is a double-digit number. duh. that was way cooler than single digits. 

so,  banks is now cool. well, cooler. 'cause he's actually the coolest. but, ya get the point.

as month ten begins, we reflect banks' last month.

he no longer eats baby food - he won't eat baby food.
he is saying mama and dadda regularly. he says ball every now and then.
he waves, claps and high-fives.
he had his first virus :( and got antibiotics.
he's had his first severe diaper rash and it's no fun at all.
he's standing for up to 5 seconds. no walking yet.
he crawls with one leg.
he's the fastest crawler i've ever witnessed. 
he throws a ball on command and always applauds himself afterward.
at 9.5 months he weighed 21.5 lbs and was 28.5 inches long.
he's wearing 9-12 month clothing
he chews on everything. shoes, highchair, socks, cups.
he loves to stand at the window and look outside - he seriously does this for 30 minutes at a time.
he rolls himself in the rug.

he's awesome. and he helped mama pick out a halloween costume that we are going to make together - homemade costumes are best. for sure. he also decided on a 1st birthday theme and we are planning away.

happy 10 months banks! you are the most handsome little boy ever. and i just love you to freakin' pieces.

enjoy our month 10 photoshoot!


  1. He's getting so big! I'd love to hear some of the foods you are feeding him. Carson is getting to the point where he wants nothing to do with baby food or a spoon, but we are struggling finding things he will eat. We generally try to feed him whatever we are eating, but it seems to have too much flavor or something, or maybe it's the texture? Who knows...I need some ideas!

    1. He loves pasta - plain pasta. He also likes crackers and graham crackers, green beans (out of a can) ramen noodles. I will keep thinking! love that our babies are so close in age :) how fun to watch other people enjoy motherhood and their babies grow up! :)