Wednesday, October 10, 2012


scary stuff.

if you're a nerd like me, you were watching the Carlina White Story on Lifetime last Saturday night. 

as if I wasn't already a crazy person, this movie gave me every reason to not trust anyone and to be that over-protective 'crazy' mom. the movie, based on a true story, depicts a young couple who had taken their 3 week old daughter to the ER after she had gotten ill. it was minor. a fever and some antibiotics would help, but the hospital was going to keep the baby overnight. ann petway, dressed as a nurse, tells the mother of the child to go home and get some rest and that she would take care of her baby. although the mother insists that she stay, she leaves, trusting the 'nurse'. it ends up, that the baby was abducted and was never found, until 23 years later. 

fast-forward to tuesday afternoon. real life.

banks attends an in-home daycare. good stuff.

garrett returns home with banks and tells me 'do not freak out.'
what do i do? freak out. duh. doesn't he know better?

this is the story we got from our provider yesterday:

"Still in shock that we had a stranger come up to the fence and ask the kids "to help him find a puppy". I think we all know that's a give away. He took off fast as soon as he saw me. The kids came and told me right away all except one sweet 3 year old who tried to follow the man. I hate to think of what could of happened if I was just one minute later. Praise God for keeping us all safe!!!"

after speaking to our provider more i also found out that there had been a woman in the neighbors backyard watching the kids earlier that day. the neighbor had told her to get out of her backyard. later that afternoon is when the man had asked the kids to help him find his puppy. our provider quickly ran outside to ask the man what he wanted, but he ignored her and hurried to a car that was waiting in the street, with a woman driving and sped away. it was a blue pt cruiser.

this is SO scary. hate it. hate that there are people that even try to mess with people's minds. hate that there are people who want to hurt kids, or take them from their parents, or do anything in the wrong. it's not fair. the main reason i write this post is so people are aware. i'm so thankful for the smart little kids who ran inside when the man approached them to get an adult. talk to your kids. prepare them for situations.

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  1. I just got the goose bumps. People are so sick these days. Thank god those kids are smart ones!