Sunday, October 21, 2012


it's been a long time since i've been able to say that i've felt relaxed.

it feels fab-u-lous. i'm gonna go ahead and enjoy it for another hour before i go to bed and then tomorrow i wake up and it's monday and all the stress i back.

we had a great weekend starting with a get together with friends on friday, pumpkin patch on saturday and church & website work on sunday. i don't think i've had a weekend that was so 'un-busy' for like  a year. speaking of a year, banks' 1st birthday is right around the corner and i've been busy designing all of his birthday party props. pretty excited to share that post :)

banks' halloween costume is one piece of fabric away from being complete! so pumped. although i'm not going to share what he's gonna be, just yet, i will say that i looked for green sweats and sweatshirt for a good 2 months solid. IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND. i'm sure in another week or two you'll find them everywhere just in time for christmas, but let me tell you, i thought i had come up with the easiest costume to make, wrong. i've spent hours and hours looking for dang green sweats. i finally managed to find some in a brand that only goes up to 9 months [b is wearing mostly 12] but i decided we wouldn't dry them and they should fit for that one special October 31 day. oh, and the 28th - we're having a kids halloween party and i'm so excited to see all of the cute kiddos next weekend in their outfits!

before i go on a photo rampage i have exciting news - website proof #2 is complete and it should be ready to launch on november 1 as planned - i'm loving the look and feel like it's going to be a SUCCESS! i'm so so excited.

okay, here goes photo rampage! he's too cute, i have to take pictures every second.

daddy went downstairs

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