Friday, October 12, 2012


I need: to let God handle it. i cannot stress this enough.
I want: to relax. which i'm planning on doing a lot of today and tomorrow. for once. it'll be good for the soul.
I'm proud of: alli and i. we have trained so much for this weekend and i'm so proud of us for making it all the way to 26.2.
I pray: that the race on sunday goes smoothly, that i enjoy it more than i have anticipated and that i can run all 26.2 miles without stopping. even once.
I hope: that everyone will turn to God and realize that's the only way. i also hope that i don't have to go to the bathroom during the marathon. i know that's tmi, but it's really what i'm hoping for.
I wish: i could have more control, but then again, i wonder, do i really?
I'm looking forward to: marking an item off my bucket list!


and for kicks, check out this awesome article on the marathon this weekend!

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