Sunday, October 28, 2012


another weekend down.
and a great one it was. remind me again why weekends are only 2 days long?

after a busy thursday and friday at work, i wanted nothing more than to relax and have a little fun. and we did just that.  on saturday, g and I wen to chapada chophouse with some of our fave people before seeing carrie underwood live for the second time. there are a few artists i would pay to see more than once, and she is definitely one of them. not only does she have an amazing voice, but yes, i love her wardrobe changes and her to-die-for legs. 

the chophouse was delish! i highly recommend going. and if you can snag the 50% groupon i bought last week  - do it. carrie didn't disappoint either. jesus take the wheel  - gets me every time!

after a few hours of sleep [ i cannot wait to hit the sack tonight ] we got up cleaned house [much needed] and got ready for the kids' halloween party. since i didn't think we'd be out and about trick-or-treating this year, i wanted to get the  younger kids together to enjoy each others' costumes and halloween spirit. we had a great time with our great friends and their kiddos. the costumes were just too cute!

p.s. banks won the halloween costume contest at the WSU volleyball game friday - so darn awesome. he's winning already :) 

the weekend was great - too short - but, great. i'm hoping for an awesome week and a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 

i hope ya'll enjoyed the guest blog last week. there will be a few more in the coming weeks - which means - MORE GIVEAWAYS!  

THE COSTUME! thank you mama morrow for all your help. although i think the most difficult part was finding green sweatpants! arghh.

Even though Banks is representing Michaelangelo - we went with the B!

The lego man!

the cutest clown

adorable monster!

ninja turtle and clown

Adeline the peacock

Everett the tiger!

post-costume mustaches. why not?

BFF and i before the concert

so happy mel's mama could come all the way from ND to rock out to carrie!

love these girls!

best friends.

OH. Did I mention? We booked our trip to CABO!!!! So excited to party it up on the beach with these 3 awesome people!

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