Tuesday, October 2, 2012


i'm gonna barf.

well, maybe literally.
the kiddo is acting sick again. i am sitting here with a headache and a sore throat and my first marathon is 12 days away.

yea, i think i might barf.

this is totally craziness. i can't believe the race is this close. i can't believe i've been a slacker so much lately. i can't believe that i'm starting to get sick NOW. why, now? really?

isn't that how life rolls. what a good example, tessa. you are life. that's how life is. so we are just going to roll with the punches.

week 11. was again. crappy. i didn't get all of the miles in. we didn't finish 20 miles. and i just feel crappy about that. but, this is what i did do.

i have no excuse for sunday. apparently, i went to church, shopped and spent time with friends and the two miles just slipped my mind. oh, well.

it's a little insane to me to think that even though i didn't complete all of my miles, i still worked out, had some longer runs and ran 32 miles. people, that's only 6 more miles than i will run in one setting in only 12, TWELVE- FREAKIN' DAYS!

i'm really not sure where the heck october came from. but it popped up outta nowhere.

it's october. and that already gives me anxiety about november. my BABY will be one in november. that surely isn't right. and doesn't even seem a itty bit possible.

back to running.

so, i began the twelfth week of training tonight with 5 miles. done. done. and i'm going to say an extra prayer for the next 12 days. for sure.

although, i'm a little  A LOT freaked out by the amount of time i have left to train, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel and i'm SO ready to get this over with. once again, i love running, i'm really, honestly, looking forward to the race, but it's time. i'm done with this stupid schedule that makes me feel so dang guilty when i don't follow it day-by-day. i'm ready for a little less running, a lot more yoga, and the freedom to do it whenever my little heart desires. so, there.

339.6 miles of training down. 

let's do this. 12 days. 12th week. 26.2 miles. i can. i can. i will. will.

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