Monday, October 1, 2012


too much yes. on fun stuff. yes.

i'm working on a new blog & web site! and i'm so excited. 
as some of you may know i've been designing custom invitations, signs, logos, ect.. for a few years now. i love it. i never get sick of it and so heck, why don't i make it more official.

the word official freaks me out just a little bit, but i'm taking the plunge. so here in about a month you will be able to check out an official blog and an official website with all sorts of cool stuff.

here's a glimpse of something you might find on the new site. right now, we're workin' on content including pricing, policies, contact information and all that other stuff that isn't quite as cool and fun as the design part.

go custom. it's the cool thing to do.

stay tuned for the official introduction to the new site!

1. custom save the date: amber decided to package her save the date with one of their engagement pictures. we decided to do a green band with their custom monogram to wrap everything together.
2. custom invitation // printed on cryogen metallic #100 paper
3. custom RSVP card // printed front and back for postcard mailing // printed on cryogen metallic #100  paper
4. custom monogram used for favor bags, and as an addition to save the date and invitation wraps
5. custom accommodation card// printed front and back on cryogen metallic #100 paper
6. custom rehearsal dinner invitations. these were sent with the invitations to the wedding party. printed on lime green #100 cardstock to add color & stick with black ink only printing - genius - and cost effective
7. custom table names // printed on cryogen metallic #100 paper. we glued these to kabob sticks and stuck them in green apples on all of the tables. each table name was named after a concert, place or special moment the couple shared to tell guests more about them.
8. custom HE/SHE signs. amber and pat wrote a list of things he liked about her and things she liked about him. for isntance HE:: makes me smile, is the best dressed man, is motivated, ect...  SHE:: loves me for who i am, is the most giving person.. ect... these were placed across from the guestbook table at the reception. a personal touch for sure.

and here's how all of the pieces came together. not pictured above // middle picture: programs printed front and back and used as fans at the outdoor wedding. a black feather and ribbon was added to each program for a wild touch.


  1. Aww love this! Can't wait to see the launch of your website, exciting stuff!!!! XOXO

  2. I am really excited that you are launching a website beause I was going to contact you and ask you to make invitations for my husband and I for our WSU graduation!! I love the things you have made and posted on this blog!

  3. What a beautiful design package! Everything meshes and flows so nicely. I have a similar scroll vector image that I have used for a friends wedding too! Looking forward to seeing the site:)

  4. Hey! I saw your comment on my blog. Shoot me your email and I'll send you some info. I didn't want to write you a novel in your comments:)