Tuesday, November 27, 2012


about 3 years ago that meant something completely different. 

yesterday, it meant Banks getting his 1 yr. shots. Boo. one thing is for sure. the shots 3 years ago were a lot more fun. although the shots yesterday SUCKED, B handled them like a champ. he didn't even cry during the first, but the second, he let out a high-pitched scream and the saddest face-ever. 

the boy has been breaking my heart lately, and yesterday, dad couldn't make it to the dr. appt, so I had to handle the heart breaking alone. his newborn, 3 mo. and 6 mo. shots were all easier than the shots yesterday.

for many reasons:

he now says mama
he now looks at me with a "HELP!" face
he now cries because he is hurt rather than just hungry
he now puts his hands up asking to be picked up when he's hurt
he has tears now
he doesn't just lay there anymore. he crawls, walks, and plays like a little boy, not a baby

yesterday. YOU SUCK. I hate shots. 
being the perfect lil' boy that he is, Banks forgot about the shots a lot quicker than I did, and was ready to play as soon as we got home. he ate well, slept well and this morning he greeted me with bright eyes, and MAMA with his arms raised ready to be picked up. He smiled and accepted by good-bye kiss.

Life is good. He doesn't think I shot him. Thank goodness. Love that boy.

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