Wednesday, November 14, 2012


i finally gave in. 

Banks got his first haircut today, just in time for his 12 month photo shoot this weekend. although, i really had no problem with his long locks, it was beginning to tickle his ears to the point i think banks was annoyed with his hair. 

he was born with the best hair ever, and i just hated to see any of it go.

these pictures bring a tear to my eye. where has time gone?

since our sitter is out of town this week, i took the day off to watch banks and so what else is a mama to do with his boy than to get a haircut at the beauty shop?

i was so impressed with b. he was tired for one, because it was 11am and he hadn't had a nap yet, but he was the most calm, cool and collected lil' man i've ever seen get a haircut. he thought the place itself was pretty interesting, and so were the scissors and the combs and the brushes and the cape he wore. he didn't cry, didn't scream, and i think he may have even enjoyed himself.

and now i have the cutest, most-grown-up looking boy in town.


  1. can't wait to see him this weekend!!!!!!

  2. So cute! We are getting Carson's cut this weekend and I feel the SAME way:(. So sad!