Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Nothing has changed, and life is still busy. Busy, but good. So, so much to be thankful for.

Banks has been eating a TON lately. He's taking after his mama with his "I'm never full" attitude. I'm sure we'll have many mother-son dates at local buffets. Especially since KIDS EAT FREE :) 
He's eating basically whatever we eat now, and his current favorite is Grandma's vegetable soup. He loves him some veggies. Banks has figured out that Hadley loves food too, and he feeds him bites while he eats. Sometimes he just lets Hadley lick his food, and then puts it back in his mouth - i know, bad mom alert - but it's seriously the cutest. Banks is so in love with Hadley. They play tug-a-war, chase after one another and feed eachother. Thank goodness for Hadley and keeping Banks entertained.

As of yesterday, we have a full-time walker. He had been taking 4-10 steps for about 2 weeks, but would fall regularly and end up crawling to his destination. He now prefers walking over crawling and is determined to get back up and walk after falling. He's walking from room to room and I couldn't be more proud - and neither could Banks as he claps when he walks. He knows it's a good thing :)

The boy and his hair - out of control. So, tomorrow we will venture to House of Hair and get the big boys hair chopped. It will be bittersweet as I love that boy's hair, but it's getting a little long for his liking (and mine). It will be just in time for Banks' one year pictures this weekend! WHERE DOES THE TIME GO!? I seriously remember the day we were getting ready for Banks' newborn pictures, and it seems like just yesterday. 

Other than trying to keep  up with Banks, Royal Script  is taking off and I'm LOVING IT. If you haven't checked out the site yet, please do! Even though I say I'm busy, the busier the better!

Grandma Julie and I stuffed envelopes this weekend with Royal Script First Birthday invites for Banks and did some fun crafty things for the BIG party :) I know I've already gone overboard, but it will be so fun celebrating the BEST YEAR EVER.

Thanksgiving plans have been made, basketball has started, and games occur a couple of times a week, which means anything 'extracurricular' is basically out of the question. On top of that, Garrett is back to working overtime, and the babysitter is out of town this Mon-Wed.

We are in love. We are healthy. We are blessed. Life is busy, but it's oh, so GOOD!

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  1. Awwww banks is walking!!!!!! That's so exciting! Now he's really going to keep you busy:)