Wednesday, November 21, 2012


it's thanksgiving!

which means the following day, my pants won't button and sweat pants are a priority thanks to the amount of food i ate the day prior. this is by far one of my favorite holidays as i'm a foodie at heart. but, it's also one of my favorites because it's always spent with family. i wouldn't ever have it any other way than to spend thanksgiving with the ones i am most thankful for.

i often talk about the business of my life. busy, busy, busy. always up to something - working, playing, running, mommying, wifing.. whatever the case may be. life is busy. it's fast-paced... and it seems to become more face-paced as time goes by. therefore, and unfortunately, i (and most likely, you, too) forget to thank. to thank people, to thank God, to just be thankful. we all do.

it seems that there are a few weeks out of each year when i hear stories of the sick and wounded and hear inspirational stories about their meaning in life, or the remembrances of those who were called Home far too early.

That's been lately.

I've heard of three people diagnosed with cancer in the last week. I've heard of three passings of three women that happened far too early in the past three days. Life is short here on Earth. We tend to lose sight of what really matters in the midst of our ever so busy lives. 

So, tomorrow, like every year I plan to spend the day with my family. And, tomorrow, just like every year, I will probably realize how very thankful and blessed I am to have what I have. And, tomorrow, I will come to the realization that I do not often enough say 'thanks' to those I should throughout the year. And, tomorrow, I will pray that I will express my thankfulness for those around me more than I did the year before.


my family
my husband
my God
my ever-so perfect son, Banks
my home
my job
my talents
my best friend
my friends
my body
my freedom
random acts of kindness

..... give thanks....

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