Saturday, November 3, 2012


Banks is eleven months old, and it just makes me the most happy and sad person all at the same time.

Cliche, or not, time has flown by. I'm not sure if I like it. 
Banks is so big, and so fun and I wouldn't trade this age for anything, but I also miss my baby! It's just plain crazy how fast they grow and how time flashes before my eyes. 

I can't believe in 26 days I'll be able to say "I have a one-year-old". 

Banks is still crawling, but standing up all of the time. He's taken 6 steps, twice. He usually takes one or two and then sits down. Ask anyone - he's the fastest crawler, and I think he prefers to get around that way because he can out-crawl any walker. 

He has 7 teeth, working on eight.
He constantly fights diaper rash - ugh.  We lather that butt up constantly.
He's still on formula and I'm definitely looking forward to buying milk instead of $28 formula every 4-5 days!
He LOVES mac n' cheese and kiwi. 
He's saying mama [ a lot!!!], dadda, haaa [hadley], maa [more], baa [ ball ], baaac [book] and the sitter says he says 'diaper' a lot, even though I've never heard it.
He claps at almost everything and chews on phones, shoes and channel changers anytime he can. He thinks the word "NO!" is hilarious. Not cool. 
He's sleeping 11-12 hours straight every night, and I LOVE HIM for this.
He loves kids, and babies.... hint, hint... Garrett???

We are so deeply in love. He's perfect in every way an I thank God for making me Banks' mama everyday.

Here's to month eleven and to bringing on the  end to YEAR ONE!! I cannot wait to celebrate Banks' first birthday and everything he has brought to our lives this past year.

our monthly 'sit in the crib corner' picture didn't go so well this month.

I LOVE kiwi! 

What's in there? 

Three drawers at the same time. Impressive!

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  1. I can't believe how fast time has gone!! So big!