Saturday, November 3, 2012


Banks had a great first halloween.

I managed [with lots of Grandma Julie's help] to pull-off a homemade costume contest winner, a kids halloween party and a successful night of trick or treating [no meltdowns]. 

Banks went as Michaelangelo - the Ninja Turtle. We chose to go with the orange ninja since Banks' favorite color is orange :) Michaelangelo is also the  party goer and most fun ninja - so, of course, it was an obvious choice. 

We ventured to Norwich this Halloween for Trunk or Treat with our best friends Stacey, Dustin, Brooks and Bode. We would have loved to travel Wichita and stop at all of our closest friends and families' homes, but getting B in and out of a carseat all night would have been a nightmare. Trunk or Treat was perfect. Grandma Julie, Grandpa Wayne and Grandpa Steve had a great time walking up and down the streets of Norwich with their little ninja turtle. We stopped in the few 'stores' Norwich has to retrieve candy. Although, I love living in Wichita and probably couldn't survive living without fast food, a grocery store or a mall, it's always nice to experience small towns. Besides the joy our little ninja brought to us that night, it was so cool to see all the kids in Norwich come up to my dad and call out, "Hey Principal Morrow! Look what I got!" and then they would come up and give him a high-five or a hug. It was so cute. 

After Trunk or Treat we headed back to the house, handed out candy to kids and mama cooked us all a yummy meal. It was a Happy Halloween, indeed.

So.... here are the adventures of Banks' first Halloween in Norwich, KS.

Halloween morning in our black and orange.

Banks opening his Halloween treat bag from Grandpa and Grandma. He's spoiled rotten!

Lovin' on Gma Julie

Bode the MONSTER!

The crawling turtle

Our first picture of Bode and Banks standing at the same time!

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