Friday, September 2, 2011


it's september! there are many reasons to celebrate september other than it being one month closer to november - like, cooler weather (thank goodness!), football season, pumkin spice lattes at starbucks, the possibility of getting out the Ugg boots, tights, weddings and just another great month to live. G and I have much to look forward to this month - our new furniture will be arriving september 22, which means that we have to get the carpet in before that day comes - which means that the basement, well, might actually be a place we can hang out and use by the end of september! HOW EXCITING! we are also going to be painting the beloved baby k's room and i think everything is really going to start coming together! some of our great friends are getting married this month, too! it's an overall awesome month, so cheers to september! enjoy it!

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