Thursday, September 29, 2011

september: hello & goodbye

wow. the month of september flew by. it was here and gone in no time and most of all it felt like this because Garrett and I were extremely busy. The first week of September we spent the week preparing the house for the new carpet. Everything, yes, everything was out of the house when I returned to the house Saturday night after being gone for a day preparing for the Oehm wedding. So, for 3 days, Garrett and I slept on a mattress setting directly on the floor. I didn't leave the house very prepared for everything being thrown around, so the next work was a crazy mess. I found my pants downstairs in the storage room, a shirt in the garage, underwear in the tub and socks in the dryer. Let's just say it was a task getting ready, or at least finding things to wear in the morning. But, after a week of craziness, the new carpet was installed and it looks AWESOME. What a difference brand new carpet makes! Love it!

A few days later our furniture was delivered from NFM (the furniture we had picked out in July when we made a weekend trip to KC). The house is really starting to come together and we're getting so excited to bring Baby K into our 'new' home!

before carpet!

still not a good picture of Baby K's room, but it's a glimpse - before carpet

my life for one week. mattress on floor, no carpet. fun stuff.

new dining area wood floors thanks go G baby and Steve O

Uncle Dennan and Hadley enjoying the new carpet!

dresser i bought at an antique store - this weekend I'm going to paint it for Baby K's room!

downstairs with carpet!

new carpet & furniture downstairs

bar cabinets and tile


ignore the bedding... downstairs bedroom

upstairs with new furniture

On September 17 we celebrated Amber and Pat's wedding. What a beautiful wedding it was! After a scare of rain (and an outdoor ceremony) the weather turned out to be perfect and the night went on without a hitch! Amber did a great job planning her Day and the night couldn't have been more perfect without the help of Ashley Moore with Events by Ashley. If you are planning an event and need creative and professional help, be sure to give Ashley a call! She's fabulous! It was my honor to be a bridesmaid in the Oehm wedding and I even had the opportunity to design the save the date, wedding invitations and other print materials used at the wedding! So fun!

Mr. & Mrs. Oehm

the wedding party

the girls getting ready for the wedding

On the 22nd, Dad turned 54! I cannot thank him enough for being such a great teacher, dad and coach to me. Lately, he's helped us so much on the house - painting the entire inside and outside and helping Garrett with whatever he can. Love him. Happy Birthday, Dad!!

Then, on the 24th, my cousin Christy and Aunt Lynette threw a great baby shower in McPherson! We are so blessed to have such great family and friends to help us welcome Baby K! We now just have a few items to buy to complete Baby K's nursery!

At our last doctor appt. Baby K measured one week big (hoping this means maybe one week before the due date - I can dream, right?) and had a heartbeat of 166. Let's just say this baby LOVES to dance and kick and roll and go crazy 24/7. I think I can say that I'm officially uncomfortable. We are going on week 7 of our birth class, and learning a lot. I was a bit nervous for the last class as I sat in a room with 8 other guys and watched a birth video. Needless to say, G said it wasn't nearly as bad as he was expecting (YES!!! This is good news to me!). So, I'm feeling a little more confident we can do this! We're almost 32 weeks, and 58 days away from the due date! Go us!!! We even made a run to Carter's this week and purchased everything neutral we could find, and even snuck in a few boy this and girl that things :)

So, September was good to the Konen's, it just all went too fast. October we welcome you. This month we plan on finishing the details on the house, especially the nursery, packing THE bag for the hospital, taking part in another great friend's wedding (Miss Alli Klein) and just living our simple life which we love so much. One reason I love this blog - it keeps me grounded. I'm constantly reminded that there is nothing crazy, out of the ordinary about our life. It's simple. And I LOVE it. We have great friends and great family. We are so blessed.

Happy... almost.. October!

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