Monday, September 5, 2011

28 weeks. third trimester. lots of progress.

happy labor day to all. LABOR day. this word will have a whole new meaning come november - i'm sure of that. only 12 more weeks to get ready for THE DAY. we're 28 weeks yesterday. to prepare for THE DAY, i've been catching up on my bradley method readings and have been learning all sorts of things i didn't know before - some which i'm not sure i wanted to know, but better prepared, right?

this weekend, was like just about every other weekend - garrett and my parents working on the basement while i search for everything perfect for the baby. don't get me wrong - i'd love to help in the basement, but bending over, carrying heavy objects and painting walls are just out of my reach nowadays. oh, well, because i find looking for furniture, window treatments and decor to be all the more fun. hey, it's a challenge too!

in my last post, i was still loving the idea of chevron everywhere. well, FINALLY i found a chevron baby bumper!! at last!! so exciting. etsy and i have a love/hate relationship. i love everything on the website, but when i'm looking for something specific, i can NEVER seem to narrow down all of the 'options' to lead me to the right section of the online store. i came across a blog - -  that led me to another blog - which, of course, now i cannot locate (something like 'mod mom chic') that led me to an etsy website that has CHEVRON baby bumpers! what a scavenger hunt. so, i've ordered the bumper and have asked her to make a matching rocking char cushion. my mom has so generously given us her old wooden rocking chair that will fit perfectly in baby k's room. i even managed to find the perfect stuffed owl for the crib. and a clock! 


We've also been on the lookout for a dresser/changing table. i'm not a huge fan of changing tables. i think they are oddly shaped, don't fit in a designed room very well and serve, well not much of a purpose. after all, you can change a baby's diaper just about anywhere. so, a dresser, it is! a sturdy dresser that can accommodate for a changing table as well. 2 for 1. i like it. problem - dressers don't come cheap - or at least the dressers i would prefer do not come cheap. I found THE ONE. well, so i thought. the price was affordable and the look was exactly what i was going for.

ikea dresser - $179 and perfect, so i thought
After discovering that it wasn't real wood and it could, well fit it's price tag, by looking 'cheap', i decided to look just a little longer. My mom and i ventured down the block to the good ole' Park City antique store. i usually don't find much, but today i found just want I needed. one problem. the picture of the dresser is on my mom's camera - but, i will definitely post a picture soon. it's JUST like the picture above, except a blonde wood. So, we're going to paint it - i haven't decided what color yet - and make it brand new! all for $50. not bad, eh?

My dad got baby k's room all painted this weekend, too! three walls a very light seafoam green/teal color and one wall grey and white stripes - my favorite.  i think it'll be perfect for a boy or girl and the contemporary/ but retro feel i'm going for. here are a few of our painting pictures!

the green room goes

first step: paint three walls seafoam green/teal

second step: paint one wall grey, and apply guide lines with tape

roll on the white!

ta-da! i'm in love with the stripes!

So, I'm not sure if it's just coincidental that it happens to be Labor Day and i got so many things done for baby k, or not, but either way, i'm happy. fat and happy and so excited there are only 12 short weeks before we meet our beloved child! 

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  1. Very exciting stuff! I think the chevron is cute.