Saturday, September 3, 2011

chevron love.

I'm usually a very indecisive person when it comes to designing or decorating something. I can never stick with one pattern or seem to stay on a single color palette - this might have something to do with re-painting and buying new furniture just 1-2 years since our last 'remodeling' stage. Ugh. So, this time, I'm trying to find things that I know I won't get sick of and that can stay awhile. I'm sure we'll be busy enough with the baby that we won't even want to think about taking on any additional home projects after November.

So, I fell in love. with chevron. yes, i'm in love with a single pattern. love it.

It's something about it's sophisticated, modern, but not too stripy look that gets me every time. I want it upstairs, downstairs, in the dining room, living room and even baby k's room. don't get me wrong, i know there is such a thing as TOO MUCH. but, honestly, I'm not sure if there is when it comes to chevron. I like the name of it, i like that it looks good in almost every color and that you can get a wide striped chevron, or a small striped chevron, you can wear chevron, paint your nails in a chevron pattern and live in a house full of chevron.

the problem: i live in wichita, kansas.

chevron is a rare pattern in wichita. i constantly google chevron to see if i am brave enough to order something online without touching it's softness or can visibly see it's quality. so, saturday has come, and i'm on the hunt for: CHEVRON EVERYTHING. here are a few of my favorites!

chevron vases

chev pillows

chev rug

chev window coverings

chevron lamp shade

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