Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the test

I'm getting anxious. Yes, I can't wait to find out what Baby K is! Boy or girl! I keep going back and forth on my prediction, although Garrett is convinced we're having a little girl. so, since the anxiety will not go away and the birth of baby K is closer than ever before, I've been looking at the gender prediction tests just for fun. Which tests work, which tests don't, or do any of them? A friend of ours recently found out they were having a girl after their sonogram, but both Intelligender tests said the baby would be a boy. Intelligender - FAIL.

Gender Prediction Test
Intelligender at Walgreens

Funny story - I found a gender prediction test online that has you answer several (10 i think) questions about your pregnancy. Of course, I really don't look into these much and think they actually know what I'm having, but it's fun, right? So, I answer the questions truthfully as ever, and my answer reads: "We're sorry, we can't predict whether you are having a boy or girl. Your answers are too close to call!" Awesome.

Chinese Calendar - although I'm not sure of the exact date Baby K was made, I've tried a few different dates and all lead to baby K being a girl.

Last night, we had a few friends over for dinner and the gender of Baby K was a top subject, so we got out the string and pencil and decided to put the test to test, I guess you could say. To make sure the test was legit,  we tested Stacey (who is having a boy... any day now!!) and it predicted correctly, Boy it was.

So, my turn. .......drum roll... It said GIRL.

So, we shall wait, and see. Boy or Girl? Which test works the best?

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  1. I did Intelligender at about 11-12 weeks, and it also said boy, which is obviously wrong now, as we know that ours is a little girl.

    So… it is all 50/50 :)