Sunday, October 30, 2011

copy + paste

Although I sit here and drink from my creativi-tea cup and like to think of myself as a creative person, I'll admit the Internet is a wonderful source for brainstorming new ideas for decorating, invitations and the list goes on. I'm sure many of you reading this entry most likely have a Pinterest account and are falling in love with it just as I am. It's a wonderful source for finding new recipes, fashion ideas, home decor must-haves and the next go-to hairstyle.

the go-to creative brainstorming mug

So, rather than taking credit for some of the home additions I've made lately, I thought I would share how you can make Pinterest ideas come to life!

Pinterest Inspiration
The Konen Family version, ta-da!

Another great web site for ideas - Etsy. Looking for something specific? Go to the web site and type in exactly what you are looking for and enter the price range you'd like to stay within and there is sure to be  something that will fit your needs. I've also found this great for inspiration. I found these alphabet prints  that I knew would be perfect for baby K's nursery. Problem? Budget. Of course. What's new, right? We aren't made of money, which I'm guessing the person who is reading this entry, probably isn't either, and therefore shelling out wads of cash for something you haven't even seen in person probably isn't your ideal situation. Solution? Make it!

Alphabet prints found on for $45/print - frame and mat-board NOT included :(

Numbers Print

Alphabet Print

A little work in Photoshop, printed at Kinkos for $1.29/print and found frames at target, mat-board included for $3.49/frame - savings of $80.44. Dang, that feels good!

So, challenge yourself to find inspiration, make it your own, and do it for less!

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