Sunday, October 30, 2011

growing in october

It seems like I was just writing about how September had gone by so fast, now it's October 30 and I'm trying to remember where this month went. Time is flying by and November, BABY MONTH!, begins in 2 days. This is incredibly hard to fathom, but it's here and it's real and I'm nothing but excited, anxious, nervous and grateful that this pregnancy has been such an awesome and memorable experience. Our appointments have continued to go well. The heartbeat has ranged from 142-162 at each of our bi-weekly appointments, which keeps us guessing boy or girl, although I won't be fooled by the wives tales :) From week 30-34 baby K was a crazy dancer and wouldn't stop kicking and rolling, but mid-week 34 I noticed that baby K was probably running out room to move. Contractions happen daily now, but nothing painful - which actually makes them exciting. I swelled up for the first time post-Klein/Larison wedding after 2 days of being on my feet constantly. We go back to the doctor this week and will now go once a week, every week, from now on. Although Garrett said we were done buying clothes for the baby until we find out what we are going to be clothing, he insisted on one  blue and one pink Under Armor onsie. For Garrett to want to buy clothes, but baby clothes that are over-priced at that, shows that he is truly excited for this baby :) I couldn't be more proud of the work he has done around the house to prepare for Baby K's arrival and the time he has put into our birth class. It's funny to hear him make comments about babies being born on television or birth situations happening with friends and how he knows, or insists he knows, that they are doing this or that wrong and need to be doing so and so... at least I know he's prepared to be the best Coach K. Yes, that means Coach Mike Krzyzewski can move over, because there is a new Coach K in the house.

33 weeks - before baby K went to his/her first concert, Sugarland with G daddy, Grandma Julie and Grandpa Wayne :)
35 weeks

36 weeks - bridesmaid and bride at the Klein/Larison Wedding!

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