Sunday, June 8, 2014

six to go. maybe more. maybe less.

i started this post the day i was 34 weeks.... now i'm closer to 35. 
i think it's safe to say that time is flying by and that baby k #2 will be here before we know it - which i'm totally a-ok with. 

.... in the meantime we're waiting for our first niece to be born... kelsey is due in 9 days!....

our trip to south carolina was great.i felt great the whole time and no complaints of extra tiredness or aching due to the traveling. so i thought. i went back to work monday and i've been exhausted ever since and my back is KILLING me. sitting in an office chair all day probably doesn't help much, and frankly our hotel's mattress was apparently much better than our's at home. 

on tuesday i visited the dr for our 34 week appt., but saw a nurse practitioner due to our dr.'s european vacation - ahhhh. that'd be nice.

heart rate jumped to 152 after it had been in the 130's and low 140's the last couple of appointments.
my weight had no problem taking a big leap either.

i keep trying to compare these pregnancies, but i truly cannot tell much a difference. i have gained a little less weight with this one and feel less swollen than i did with banks. the heart rates are all over the place and are throwing me for a loop. my face is a disaster, as it was with banks - those dang brown, birth-mark like spots are showing up everywhere! make-up is a must.

i keep reading about Banks' updates at 34-36 weeks trying to come up with a comparison. you can read that post HERE.

for now, i'm still going with boy. that dang boy with no set name..... still.

mom came over this weekend and we visited the farmer's market, got a few more things for the baby's room and then i cleaned for HOURS. i went through all of banks' baby stuff and pulled out what we need for baby k 2. i ended up washing  a few boy newborn outfits, a few neutral outfits, all of the blankets, swaddling blankets and burp cloths. it's starting to feel so real! 

banks' take home outfit - feels like YESTERDAY.

B absolutely LOVES to be in the baby's room... a little too much. he picked this elephant out for the baby's crib when we visited babies r us this weekend.

we also decided to buy a comfortable glider for the nursery ( ouch to the wallet ) and put the wooden chair in our bedroom.

after a week's research and deliberation we settled on this beauty. it looks brown, but is actually a medium grey. i can't wait to add a pillow with a pop of color - a bright coral or a aqua blue?

so here's to week 34... coming and going.... 

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