Monday, June 30, 2014

i've longed for you, july.

tomorrow is july 1, 2014.
i've been waiting for july since, well, november. november 3 to be exact - the day we found out we would be expecting baby #2. it seems that july came fast and the time in-between november and july dragged - all at the same time. i'm sure those of you who have kids know exactly what i'm talking about. nevertheless, we are ready for baby, i think.
are you ever ready? for the past 10 weekends i feel like i've been tackling to-do lists of things i just have to get done before baby:
clean the house X 100
finish the nursery
buy g bday and anniversary gifts before july (just in case i don't have time after)
reupholster furniture
prepare birth announcement - ready for photo drop-in (still not done)
go through b's old clothes
clean out basement
.... the list goes on....
many of these things are done - many of them are not, but i think i'm okay with that. i'm okay with this baby coming and things not being PERFECTLY planned. it's so different preparing for #2 than for #1. #1 was easy.... if i deep-cleaned the house it stayed like that for more than the next 10 minutes.
now i worry more about banks. what's banks going to do when i'm in labor - will he be okay? will he be in a good mood/happy to see us when baby arrives? how are we going to handle two?  what if this baby isn't a great sleeper like banks, doesn't eat well like banks?
.... so much for thinking people don't compare their kids.... i already am and i don't even know if i'm comparing a boy to a boy or a boy to a girl. i'm sure i'll love them just the same, compared or not.
we've been dilated to 2cm for the past 2 weeks and will go back to the dr. on the day we enter week #38 (wednesday). the day after we'll celebrate g's 30th birthday, the 4th of july, the week after our 6th wedding anniversary and then we're almost to d-day.  the anticipation of finding out where this babe's birthday will fall in-between all of the other july excitement is KILLING ME. 
my etsy favorites are ready to purchase as soon as baby comes
folder #1 - pink/coral galore
folder #2 - 1 item ( sad, I know)
i'm finding out quickly that if a girl happens to join our family i'll be broke as a joke. and when i think about 'what i want' i truly have no preference. there are 1,000 reasons i would love a girl and a 1,000 more i think a boy would be best, which is why i LOVE not finding out the sex of the baby. and i wonder what baby will look like.... like b? small or BIG like b? will labor be long and steady like last time or will it be short, quick and unexpected? will i go into labor at home again or at work? will  my water break, or will that first REAL contraction be the only sign?
so much anticipation - KILLING ME (again), but i cannot wait to see what unfolds THIS MONTH!
so,welcome July. I know you will be a month to remember and the day of this month we remember forever is the unknown, but we cannot wait to know that magic number!



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