Wednesday, May 21, 2014

thirty-two & blessed.

there was a lot of anxiety leading up to yesterday's 32-week sono and baby dr. appt.
for one, we leave in T-6 days for South Carolina and momma is not feeling so comfortable leaving banks behind this time. last year, around this time, we went to Cabo, and oddly enough it was much easier leaving Banks. I think it's more difficult this time because he knows when we are gone, and he's been an attached boy lately. work is busy. sister in law could have baby at any time. flights were changed just hours before the appointment and i've heard of too many - not-so-good baby dr. results as of late.
needless to say, i prayed the entire way to the appointment and felt fairly confident that everything was going to be okay once i arrived. not realizing our dr. appt was at 4:30 following the 3:15 sono, i had not made alternate arrangements for B to be picked up - saving grace: mom/nana. she drove all the way from Norwich, across town to Wesley, picked up the carseat and traveled back west to be sure Banks could be picked up by 5, so G could stay for the appointment. I would be LOST without her.
after the sono tech made complete fun of my maternity spanx (best thing ever), we reiterated that we did not want to know the sex of the baby and then the tech squirted the ice-cold gel onto my big ole belly and the sono began. 
kidneys - great
placenta previa - gone
she measured the heart rate at 130 and then 140.... so comparable to the 138 last time.
she also could not stop mentioning the amount of hair this baby had. we got new photos of baby k's face (although, it looks like a hot mess to me and is so hard to see) she marked all kinds of 'HAIR!!!!" on the photos.
i'm thinking boy. still...... a nameless boy. but, one thing i know for sure, is that this baby at the time is healthy and that is ALL that matters. T - 8 (ish) weeks.
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