Thursday, May 8, 2014

a sweet baby girl: Aizley Cade

let's go back about 30 weeks. garrett and i were still 'trying' for baby #2 and mama was getting frustrated. my sister-in-law knew that we had wanted a second child for some time now, and would ask me almost every week if we were pregnant yet. the answer: no. 
in the midst of all of this, we found out that we wouldn't be parents to another one of our own, but that - second best -we would be aunt and uncle ( and b a cousin) for the first time!
a few weeks later, i accompanied my sister-in-law's dr. appt and while waiting for her to finish up her appointment, I made my own appointment to see Dr. K, because G and I had just found out we were expecting too!
Apparently, it takes me a lot longer to get dressed and exit the exam room than it does Kelsey. 10 seconds later, she is in the lobby asking me why I'm scheduling an appointment - and there you have it, cousins due just 4 weeks apart TO THE DAY.

Aizley Cade is due to arrive on June 17. Baby Konen #2 is due to arrive July 17. I have this cool theory that Kelsey will go late and I'll go early and we might just be in the hospital at the same time. Ha!
Last weekend, I threw my first solo baby shower for Miss Aizley and Kelsey. We had a great turnout and the mama-to-be was spoiled with awesome gifts thanks to her kind friends and family! 
We cannot wait to meet Miss Aizley and watch her grow up with her two cousins so close in age - it'll be a new adventure for the entire family and we're looking forward to it. So thankful to have family that lives close and visits often.
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