Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Konen & Co. Updates

i had my first trip to the dr.  by myself - it's just not as much fun. i love sharing the experiences with G, but due to the last couple of appointments taking 2+ hrs of our time in the waiting room, it wasn't working out. this appointment was no different - i spent 2. 5 hours there after drinking the glucose drink, waiting to see the dr. - seeing the dr, and then getting blood drawn for glucose results.. whew.
i've received no call back from the dr about the glucose test, which should mean that everything is a-ok. praise the lord. dr. said i'm measuring 31 weeks ( approx. July 10 vs. our July 17 due date)  and  heart rate was 138 - much lower than B ever was. as i began to change my prediction from boy to girl, i'm again convinced we are having baby boy #2 (boy without name). 
i've been having a ton of braxton hicks contractions and feel like this baby is much closer to my skin than the last... weird, but true. we've been going on walks and i feel like i'm in the beginning stages of labor every time - so much for trying to stay active!
Still want to make your prediction? Do so here - I'd love to see what you think!!
at our next appoint, in just over a week now, we will have another sonogram to check the babe's kidneys and placement of the placenta - praying this all goes well as we will leave for south carolina just a week from then, and it'd be great knowing that everything is looking healthy.
30 weeks with Baby #2

29 weeks with Banks

b and i (because i feel it was much more of a workout for me) finished up a month of swim lessons 2 weeks ago. although, b is no pro swimmer, he's definitely not afraid of the water, and loves 'going under'. at our last lesson, we even went down the BIG slide! he loved it.  it'll be nice to have a community pool, just a block from our house this summer to cool off in and enjoy - mama just won't be sporting any kind of cute two-piece this year.
Not a day goes by that I don't love B more - although some will say he has way too much energy, he can make fun of almost any situation and find he funny in everything. he makes me laugh so hard i cry and then his sweet side comes out "mommy, are you okay??" with the sweetest voice and concern in his eyes. the roughest, most dare-devilish, witty, sarcastic boy can also be the most caring, sweet and concerned for anyone.
after fighting a fever over the weekend, I think we are on the mend and feeling better. This might be the first time B has ever willingly laid in bed. He had to have been feeling bad.

their matching fishing vests crack me up.
she's the best. and i mean that. the longer i'm a mother the more i respect her.
being a mama isnt' for the weak, that's for sure. and it isn't for those who need to be told they're doing a great job 24/7. i find myself complaining about the little things way too often, and then mom comes over and i try to think of a time she ever complained. she didn't. she just did what a mom does - she's there for you, she's a mom, she listens, she helps and she cares.
happy momma's day to you, mom.
to avoid eating pizza hut buffet on mother's day i had made reservations for the family, my mom and her mom to have brunch after church. what happens when you try to plan something? you're reminded you're not in control. I came home from work on Saturday to find B with a 102 temp that continued throughout the night and all day Sunday - no church, no brunch - meant a sweats, no-makeup, no outing kind of mother's day, which was fine by me. I got some cuddles from B that I long for and the cutest (thanks to his great daddy) mother's day gift - a wooden box B made with his beloved tools. 
the kid wouldn't stop moving - but he sure was proud of his box he made m

the day i became a momma!
lately, I've also been reminded that being a mom isn't something that everyone gets to enjoy, or has the easiest time becoming. whether it be that people are more open about miscarriages or infertility or that it's more common, or we hear of it more at 'this age', i don't know, but it's sad, heartbreaking and a great reminder that getting pregnant, giving birth and having healthy children is not something to take for granted. i know i do way too often. i guess when you haven't had these problems, it's easy to, but often feel so guilty.
many friends made announcements of their miscarriages or infertility around mother's day this year, and i think that hit me a little harder than expected and made me realize how blessed i am.
please keep those who long for motherhood in your prayers. 
one friend, and story i will continue to follow, is writing her story on her blog HERE. I encourage you to read it and keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers as I cannot imagine the emotions their family is experiencing.
so, happy mother's day to you, mom, and to all other mama's out there and prayers to those who are wanting to become a mother.
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