Monday, May 12, 2014

Project Complete.

When we first moved in to our 'new to us' home last August, I was so excited that I might actually be able to re-create one of my Pinterest Pins! Our home doesn't have a dining room per say, and the cut-out space by the kitchen and TV room was awkward and didn't fit our small table and 2 chairs well. 

I had always wanted a booth in my house, and this was my chance. G said that we were moving into this house because we didn't have to do any projects... he was wrong. There is always improvements to be made, right? Never satisfied. My inner-competitive athlete side comes out in areas that aren't so related to athletics - like home projects - we can do better... always. Not a good thing for the bank account.

You can see some of the booth inspiration HERE on my Pinterest Page.

G began the booth work during Christmas break as my Christmas gift - which carried onto a birthday gift, Valentine's gift and lucky for me - it was completed just one week before Mother's Day. My poor husband, working weekly overtime hours and putting up with my crazy ideas, didn't have much time to work on home projects, but as always, he did with love and care and his engineering brain dreamed up the perfect plan for our new kitchen booth - which in the last week has proved to hold 8 adults for a dinner - wahoo! His dad, who is also an engineer, made fun of how sturdy the booth was saying it could hold thousands of pounds - or a truck - which didn't surprise me. G always goes a little above and beyond when it comes to making things sturdy and he says 'the right way'. 

Thanks babe for your sweat and time. He knows homemade gifts are the best, anyways.

Inspiration from the table came from my good friend, Sheena (interior designer). She helped us sand and stain the wood pieces we purchased and then Garrett rigged up another engineering plan to attach the individual boards to our existing table base.


Eventually, we'll add seat cushions and pillows and the artwork will actually be hung, but for now, mama is happy.

Thanks babe. You're so handy! 

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