Tuesday, April 24, 2012

too much. too fast.

i cannot say this enough. babies grow up too fast. 

i was certain one post a month would cover banks' new adventures in this crazy world, but this is my third post on month #4. this just can't be true.

our little one has a tooth! well, that was last week. this week he has tooth #2! my, oh, my!
we also tried cereal this week. i wouldn't say he loved it or hated it, but was rather confused as to what it was. he would move his tongue around trying to see what this strange substance was, and then just open his mouth as wide as could be and it would all fall out. so... i'm not really sure how much he actually ate, but it was an experience nonetheless. 

tonight i said 'hi banks'... and i'm seriously telling you he said 'hiiiii' in the cutest, most precious voice ever. so sweet. 

he's loving his new bouncer and his giraffe we have named eddie (ed for short). ed and simba (his orange (b's favorite color) lion). 

due to the lack of milk supply, we've had to supplement with formula the past 2 weeks, but i'm still pumping during the day and nursing him in the evenings. i think the kid has put on a good 2-3 pounds in the past two weeks - i'm almost quite certain i'm starting to think formula could be linked to America's obesity issues. seriously.

he is acting like he wants to crawl and holds himself up for split seconds, before he falls back to the ground. that's okay though. i'm not ready for that. the thought of being pregnant again makes me gag, but i already miss my baby - don't worry it'll be awhile, but it's difficult to understand what people are saying until you actually have a child - life flies by. 

although it makes me sooo sad to see banks grow up so quickly, each stage seems to be more fun. i'm sooo excited to learn of banks' personality. so far, i think he has an A+ status.

lovin' on daddy!

his grandma julie is his bff.

push ups!

what is this stuff!?

banks, bode and hadley  havin' a talk.

got those toes!

still loves bath time!

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  1. I can't believe he has his first tooth!! Oh my! He is growing way too fast! Cute pics:)