Sunday, April 1, 2012

4 months. final 4. it's the month of 4's.

yep. that's right. our lil'  banks is 4 months old.
and as you might have guessed - it's been the best 4 months of our lives! 

the lil' stud smiles constantly. he's one happy baby boy. we've been truly blessed. he rarely cries and is alert and interested in just about everything - including hadley, balls, basketball on tv, the mower, birds, trees, and cars. the weather has been AWESOME which means we've been on a walk just about every day for the past 2 weeks. amazing. g and i also use this time to catch up and share our daily stories. it's good family time to say the least. hadley even gets to join :)

banks is sleeping through the night pretty well. he usually wakes up once a night, around 4  or 4:30am. not too shabby considering he goes to bed at 7:30 on the dot. that's right - this guy has a schedule and he made it himself. he literally starts to grunt (getting grumpy) at 7p.m. give or take 1 minute, and it's bath time. after his bath he eats and is out by 7:30 or 7:45. this is making evenings too short with out lil' guy, but at the same time i can't complain because i'm able to get some things done around the house. except working out. by 8 the couch is calling my name. i'll get there. some day i promise.

we're able to get banks to laugh whenever we want. he's ticklish and thinks that mom's singing is hilarious - it's awful - which i guess can be funny. he's loving hadley and the kisses he gives him.

this month we experienced banks' first  baseball game with Grandpa Steve as the Shockers took on the Salukis and won in extra innings. Banks loved the field lights more than the game, but hey he liked it nonetheless. 

we took a trip to the zoo with grandma julie, gpa wayne and uncle dennan. and got memberships - so we plan go go back a lot this summer!!

today banks helped mom plant flowers in the flower beds and watched me mow the grass. he loves the outdoors!

every time i go to get banks from a nap or up from bed in the morning he has rolled over and is wide awake talking to himself. silly boy. this week we will visit the dr. for our 4 month check up and shots :( 

and speaking of 4..... KU made the final 4!!!!!! we've been cheering on the hawks all season and we're so excited to see them play monday in the championship. banks will be wearing his KU shoes, socks, shirt, shorts, hat and bib. that's right all KU. We love our jayhawks!!! in 2008, the year g and i married they won the nat'l championship. we wouldn't mind another championship in the same year we had banks - (we think that our special moments in life are the jayhawks' as well - we're a little superstitious) 

happy 4 months baby banks. you da' bomb.

orange leaf date with his girlfriend laney jo

4 month picture :)

at the zoo. i'm as big as a penguin!!

watchin' mom cook while sitting in the bumbo.

rock chalk!!

bbq with friend beckham.

adorable. love that boy.

celebrated my first st. patrick's day. last year on this day mommy and daddy found out i was on the way!

still stickin' my tongue out!

met Wu  for the first time!

spent lots of time with uncle dennan during his spring break. i love him!

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