Sunday, April 29, 2012

i want ( i need ).

"i want"

i say this often. too often. it's probably very annoying. especially to the husband.

let's face it, it's difficult to stay up-to date on the newest trends (clothes, phones, computers, decor, etc..). this is even more difficult once you enter me - tessa - small budget. crap.

so a lot of these "i wants" don't happen unless there is THE BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR, or it fits in g's complicated spreadsheet ( enter invested $ vs. resale value [ it's some engineer thing])

i'm sure we don't have time to talk about all of that. but, basically i just really want a nice gold necklace. i wanted a monogrammed B necklace in honor of the Best Baby Boy Banks - but, then thought... i would either have to add a letter or stop wearing it because of baby #2 (long ways away).

so, here's my latest 'i want'. 

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