Sunday, April 29, 2012

strike one.

i knew that dating, marrying and having a child with a red-head would bite me at some point in time.

that was this weekend.

i feel terrible. horrible. not a word can explain how bad i feel about banks' first AND LAST sunburn. ugh.
i mean, we weren't in the sun but an hour or so, and i made sure he had his 'sun hat' on the entire time. everyone kept telling me sunscreen wasn't an option until 6 months so, that didn't even cross my mind. 

it wasn't even hot out. but, apparently that didn't matter. in the words of a red-head "you can get sunburnt if it's cold outside". so, i have my first bad mom strike. banks' rosy red cheeks are a constant reminder of strike number one. 

so  you can bet we won't be out in the sun anytime soon, and if we are it'll be after month #6 so we can lather up in some sunscreen.

this guilt trip sucks!

i'm still happy and cute, even with red cheeks!

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