Tuesday, April 10, 2012

a few more 4's.

he's changing so fast.
i gotta update before month 5. so here's a few more facts on the 4's.

we made it through 4 mo. shots. wooo hooo!!! poor kid. i must say that 4 mo. shots are much worse than 2 mo. shots. i mean at 2 months banks wasn't smiling (except for when he had gas) or laughing. at 4 months he talked the whole way to the dr., was as happy as could be smiling and laughing away, and then the shots came. the saddest expression took over his cute little face and screams with TEARS. yes, tears - he didn't have those at 2 months either - ran down his face. Ugh. so hard. he was a champ though (as usual) and once the shots were done, he was simultaneously done crying. but, for sure. month 4 shots -  you suck.

big kid weighed in at 14lbs 14 oz (50%) and 25.5inches (90%). Head circumference is still a bit small at the 25% ranking - you're your dad's child. indeed. small-headed man.

you are loving your feet. yep, you found those toes and love to play with them.

we made our first trip as a family. to manhattan. yes. weird. the jayhawk family went to manhattan for easter. craziness. we saw where uncle dennan lives and where he hangs. pretty cool stuff. we even saw the easter bunny .... and you smiled! :) proud mama, i was.

manhattan obviously didn't like the crimson and blue fam too much, as i got sick saturday night, so no partying in aggieville for this mama. so basically easter wasn't all that great because of your mom - sorry! we did manage to get you all kinds of goodies - so i hope that made up for it! you were a champ in the car - slept the whole way up and back. 

basically, i just love you to the moon and back!

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