Monday, February 20, 2012

so in love.

i'm so in love. in love with this little boy.

i teared up last night at the thought of going back to work in 7 days. i honestly thought i was the tough mom who wouldn't cry. ha! funny. something about having your own child makes you an emotional mess. i can't imagine not spending our 8-hour 'work day' together. i love him more than anything and his little smiles and laughs and funny faces make my day, everyday.

that's one thing in life i will never understand. why is it that we retire after our kids are grown and work when they are growing up? yea, i know for money, but seriously this is the most messed up concept in life. don't get me wrong i am so thankful for my job and i really enjoy being around my co-workers on a daily basis, but i can't fathom missing some of banks' first milestones and being there to comfort him when he's upset. ahh. this is killing me.

speaking of milestones, we hit a few recently!

we went up a size in diapers! size 2's are much more comfy!
banks rolled over! yes! he was so happy about it too! he was just laughing and smiling and looking at us like "LOOK WHAT I JUST DID!"
he can pull himself up on his iGym. he even ripped off the handle one day and continued to play with his other hand! crazy boy. he NEVER stops moving. i'm thinking (and hoping) we have a little athlete on our hands!
he 'talks' a lot!

here are some of our newest moments captured on camera. we are just so in love. 

headed to church

i found mom's hair and pull on it ALL of the time.

i blow bubbles an spit

i wake up happy and smiling

i hold my head up so high!

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