Thursday, February 16, 2012

time is of the essence

time. where does it go? 

i write this because i'm so in awe of how time is disappearing before my eyes. i go back to work in 10 days :( Banks is 11 weeks old. I miss a meal everyday. My house is a mess. I'm 25. I missed a workout 3 days into training.... ahhhhhh.

crap. i already missed a workout. 

i just had to write a post about this so that i had more motivation to go back to the gym tonight. ya know, it's hard to get motivated to workout when the husband gets home from work and you finally get to sit down and just RELAX. i'm already so nervous about going back to work. I can only imagine how my time management skills will be abused once this happens. my first problem: i'm a tv addict. yes, i need intervention - speaking of, i love that show. see! it's a problem! i just need to convince myself that the shows that i watch are equally good when i'm running and watching them vs. laying on the couch and watching them. don't get me wrong i LOVE to workout, but this whole no sleep thing really kicks your butt. which brings me to how i feel today - awesome!

 that's right. awesome. Banks slept through the night for the first time last night! we took the big boy to another WSU game last night (#24 ranked shockers! woo hoo!) and he stayed awake for the majority of the game so he was worn out. we got home, he ate, fell asleep and didn't wake up until 7:15 am! i'm so rejuvenated! i feel like a new woman. ha! i'm so proud of him!! yay Banks! i'm entirely aware that being this happy and posting about his accomplishment will bite me tonight, but hey, baby steps, right? if we can get through one night every now and then, i'll be happy!

ok. i'm going to go practice my time management skills. wish me luck!

and... THANK YOU banks! You're awesome. Congrats to you on your first full night of sleep!

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