Monday, February 13, 2012

baby galore!

i have mentioned before that g and i had opted to have a natural childbirth - medication free. yes, this means no induction, no epidural, pitocin, c-section or anything up that alley. we prepared for this adventure by taking a 12 week Bradley Method Birth Class. this class was suggested by a friend of ours who had completed the class a year before us and had a successful natural delivery. my mom on the other hand, who also had two natural (by natural i mean medication free) deliveries, thought the class was a waste of time as she said nothing would help the pain. i'll give her that, nothing would help the pain, but garrett and i were so glad we took the class as we learned so much about childbirth. i felt that i knew exactly what my body was going through and how i 'should' feel during each step of labor. this made me feel like i could tell myself that the enormous amount of pain i was experiencing was half-way normal and i wasn't going to die - yea, something like that.

well, it ends up we succeeded at our goal of a medication-free delivery and i would say it ranks as one of my most proud moments. it was an amazing experience as i felt so connected with the birth of baby Banks.

enough about that.

our class set up a reunion after all the babies were born so that we could share stories and meet all the cute babies! it was really neat to hear how different everyone's story was. i can vouch that no experience was identical to the next mother's.

here's a few pictures from our reunion. aren't they so cute!?

Banks and Everett - Everett's mommy, Lindsey, is a great friend!

From L to R: Coen, Calvin (he's a twin, so I hope I don't mix these two up!), Philomena, Everett, Banks, Kipton and Eli (other twin)

Banks and Everett

Peace Dude!

Mamas and Babies! From L to R (Mamas): Lisa, Sarah, Lindsey, Me, Christy and Martha

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