Thursday, March 1, 2012

3 months young.

our baby boy banks is 3 months young.

yes, young. his youth is already going too fast for me, so the word old is not favored here.

he is so much fun. smiles all of the time, laughs, loves the abc's and enjoys walks with mom and dad.
he's now rolled over from tummy to back - both ways and is constantly slobbering and chewing on his hands.
he's a very active boy - the sitter says he is very content and happy - and we agree. 

yes, he started going to daycare. ahhh. so crazy. i just say a daily prayer that he is happy and safe and i've been blessed now for 4 days to come home to a happy, smiling baby boy.

here's to month 3!

a warm winter means walks with banks and hadley!

loves bath time and 'sitting' up!

first day of daycare :/

i like to hold my own bottle!

you stick your tongue out, i stick mine out!

too funny!

i love my ball, and my blankets!

i'm 3 months old young!

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