Saturday, March 3, 2012

it is what it is.

breast-feeding. it is what it is.

let's face it everyone has their own opinion about just about everything. not everyone is ever going to see eye to eye on everything. the subject of breast-feeding is one of them.

some love it. some like it. some hate it. some think it's beautiful, some think it's reality and some think it's gross. 

this was recently brought to my attention when all of the hype about beyonce feeding baby blue in public went viral. of course, it always takes some celebrity to make a common topic something to talk about like it's going out of style. don't get me wrong, i love beyonce - her singing - her dance moves - her looks - her style - her husband - her baby and even her decision to breast-feed - in public. she's a pretty cool cat.

i think the thing about breast-feeding is that even if you're comfortable feeding in public, maybe it makes the person next to you uncomfortable. does it make your husband uncomfortable? and then if you are uncomfortable, it seems that you are next to someone that feels the whole world needs to see them breast-feeding. ahh. such problems.

then there is the situation that occurs when you plan on breasfeeding so you don't have a bottle, baby cries and you run into your ex-teacher, or ex-coach or some other relationship that could very well turn breast-feeding into a nightmare. so now what do you do?

like i said. everyone has their own opinion, but i can't even decide what my own opinion is. when did something so simple - like feeding a baby the way that God made you to feed them - become such a dilemma? 

sure, i breast-feed, but i do at home, i pump and take milk - but that's annoying - there are sometimes i just want to feed in public, but then my hands sweat and i get nervous - or i'm completely comfortable and then i see someone give me THE LOOK. 

i don't think there is a right or wrong answer. i'm just confused and give beyonce full credit for her confidence. 

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  1. I can identify with you on this. But I just carry a blanket with me everywhere and wear a nursing tank under my shirt. I'm discreet, but I do what I gotta do.

    I find that when I just go about my business as if I'm not doing anything wrong, most people don't even pay us any attention.

    If someone does decide to stare, I just stare right back. Ten times out of ten they look away first.